Living in the Sun

Living in the Sun

Starting out designing I thought the best place to start would be with something I feel passionate about. One thing I feel really strongly about is skin cancer prevention. Skin cancer has affected a number of people in my life and living in a beautiful coastal area where people always enjoy the beach and the sun, I feel it is a place to start something good in order to help prevent more cases by spreading a simple positive message.

Market Research-

I started to do some research to find out what campaigns have been done and what images help to project messages about wearing sunscreen. Surprisingly, I didn’t find much, or enough. In a quick top 10 sunscreen brand search, only 2 were Australian. We can buy all brands here in Australia, luckily, but in terms of marketing and media campaigns there is not a lot. The 2 Australian brands in that top 10 search include Cancer Council Australia and Ego Pharmaceuticals- SunSense range started in 1953.

From a consumer point, I can think of 2 memorable campaigns. ‘Slip Slop Slap’ which was huge and clearly has lasting effects as everyone I speak to knows exactly what those 3 alliterate words mean. This campaign launched in 1980.

Another memorable campaigns was ‘Me No Fry’ which was launched in 1990 a decade later, targeted at adolescents and involved posters, billboards, stickers and TV commercials. I can remember chanting this one as a kid and I had a long sleeve shirt that had the catch phrase and egg on it that I wore until it had more than a few holes!

These 2 campaign posters can now be found on the Museum of Applied arts and Sciences website. They are in an online museum they are that old! I’m just glad at least one of them is well remembered by most Aussies.

When searching Instagram hashtags for #sunscreen, #suncream or #slipslopslap you are inundated with images of young women in skimpy bikinis sunbaking. This was the moment my ‘little project’ changed into something bigger. If I can do something about this, I will.

It is now nearly 30 years on since the last campaign I can remember was launched. I had a look to see what else has been done and came across “Pretty Shady”.

It’s simplistic in design therefore in line with current trends, however the yellow and black remind me of an old Yellow Pages directory and the billboards, while are super encouraging and amazingly hold free sunscreen for bypassers, they just haven’t hit the mark. In trying to find out more, the collection of items from the campaign including shirts, sunnies, hats etc. look pretty good and I see there are some ambassadors, which admittedly I have never heard of, but I had to search to find all this. I have never actually seen or heard of this campaign locally. In trying to reach the official site page- I can’t reach it as it says no IP address found.

In a nutshell, when I started out wanting to do a charity tee for something I believe in, I have stumbled across a huge gap in something that I strongly feel can be and needs to be addressed.