Slick- skin cancer prevention campaign

The Idea
Wording, Design and Presentation

Here's the idea behind the design... There is some method to my madness!


The wording needs to be simple, catchy and clear.




The simple dictionary meaning is smooth or slippery. In consulting urban dictionary for its meaning: Perfect in manner; sharp, attentive, having perfect answers for virtually all questions, and, of course, large amounts of gel in hair.

Personally I knew it was and old slang word when wearing hair gel was popular, pretty sure they said it in “Grease” and in describing ‘The Fonz’ from “Happy Days”. But we all know trends return and when something is vintage that is trendy. It is a word I have heard in recent times thrown around my friends and in the community simply with positive connotations. It was the perfect fit for the campaign.


‘Shmear it on’


The second tag line is to give direction.

By spelling ‘Shmear’ incorrectly with the ‘h’ makes it light and fun. Reminds me of how the cook spoke in “Billy Maddison”- “Have some more ‘Shloppy’ Joes!”

Smear means to coat something messily. This represents the notion that we should somewhat carelessly squeeze out a fair amount of sunscreen so that there should be a decent amount smeared on your skin as, according to a recent Cancer Council article, 80% of Aussies don’t apply enough sunscreen.


‘Use sunscreen mate’


This is the final line underneath the design. I felt this is just necessary to have the word ‘sunscreen’ on there so it is unmistakably clear. And ‘mate’ to add a warmth and familiarity that is undeniably Aussie.



The design was intended to be in line with current social trends (as previously outlined), therefore black and white was first choice for this artwork, however, seeing as the design is colourless, I would be open to the suggestion of another t-shirt colour choice if the design was to remain simply black outlines.


The skull was something I really wanted to incorporate. Skulls are represented constantly in surf, coastal and café/food cultures, popular music and general popular culture (and I just love drawing them). It was really difficult, I let the idea go many times as I didn’t want the message to be linked with any morbid connotations. However, I managed to work it in when I realized that no people or anything other than the sun could be represented as a skull, hence the skull was to be the sun. With a hotdog on the hat the sun is the ultimate ‘hot dawg’, yet should be something we truly respect. The skull sunnies reflect the shakas sign meaning that we respect the sun and are ‘all good’ because we are creamed up. The ‘shakas’ surf culture sign represents a relaxed, positive and happy mood, meaning we are ‘all good’. The pandanus palm tree has some big funky shapes with unclean lines also representing sitting in shade.

I have managed to incorporate elements that represent local trends. It is by no means an exhibition piece, but it has funky relaxed traits that I feel send the right message.

Would love to see the tees out and about!