Hey there! Welcome to Baskin Bae!

When I started Baskinbae I didn’t really know where I was going with it apart from wanting to start drawing for fun again so I started a project I was passionate about for cancer council to dip my feet in. I also thought I could hide behind the screen and my illustrations . But... I’ve had so much fun, learnt so much and am loving the process of creating. I’ve found some clarity with my direction and I’m ready to jam! 

A little bit about me-

Creating is my thing!

- I’m a Graphic Artist/Designer. I’ve got a bachelor of Visual communication and Graphic design and am so excited to dive into my passion of creating for a living.

-I’m a Primary School teacher

-I’m a wife to Ben (Ben and Em- Bae) and mama to 2 loving, energetic and crazy little boys (18mths and nearly 3yrs)

-I love hustle, being busy having a challenge and learning cool stuff along the way

- I live on the South Coast of NSW and absolutely love this beautiful community I am surrounded by. I

-I love all of those exceptional moments, moods and feelings in life we can’t explain and I love how music, art and photography try to capture a small sense of them.

-I’m a free spirit, I love flow, finding rhythm in life

-I love Mexican food, whiskey, coffee, dancing, laughing about dumb stuff, being in the water, plants (can’t keep em alive though) and crafting

-kindness. positivity. and no BS.

-I’m also a massive dork.

Welcome to Baskinbae!


My Style~

My style is raw! I love colour and pattern. But I also have an appreciation for simplicity and am learning to dial it back a notch when the occasion calls for it, such as in logos and beautiful minimalistic and natural designs. My goal in my own work has always been to have a strong voice and for it to have plenty of personality. I enjoy mixing things up and learning throughout so my style is always evolving. I am working on trying to have more discipline, when I’m keeping things simple to just keep it simple, which is hard!

Some of my works are based on my personal obsessions, passions or curiosities or simply things that make me laugh.

I love working with passionate people and would love to be a part of helping you grow your business or side hustle. I can help you find clarity with your projects by working with you to design your brand image. I create logos and artworks that tie in seamlessly with your brand. I love collaboration and will communicate throughout the process positively, kindly and honestly.

My goals for 2020 are to gain some new clients to grow my freelance business, continue to create Tshirt designs inspired by life, create an album artwork, wine label artwork and maybe create a pattern for a clothing label. Completely achievable...right?